How To Write Job Offer Letter


                             How To Write  Job Offer Letter

Ref: ----------------------                                                                          Date: ------------------


Fathers Name: ---------------------------

Vill: ---------  PO: -------------- Upzilla: ------------------- Dist: ----------------

Mobile No----------------------------------------------------------

Subject: Offer for the position of “--------------------------”

Dear -------------------------------,

Pursuant to your application and subsequent interview with us, the management of Deshbandhu Group is pleased to offer you the position --------------------------------------- Department Name---------- of -------------Company Name----------------------------.

1.      Status of appointment:      On probation

2.      Place of Posting:                Factory/Corporate Office


You are requested to join on  --------------------and you will be given letter of Consent starting Salary & benefit, terms and conditions of service responsibilities etc. on the date of joining.

We welcome you and are delighted that you have chosen to be part of our team. We hope your association with us will be mutually beneficial, pleasant and fulfilling.


Thanking You

Human Recourse Department 

NB:  Before joining please submitted 5 PP Photo, All Academic certificate Photocopy, NID copy, Experience letter or certificate of service.

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