How to write an Appointment Letter In English

          How to write an Appointment Letter In English


 Ref.:   ---------------------------------                                                                                                         Date -----------------

Father’s Name---------------------------
Mobile No----------------------------------


Subject: Letter of Appointment.

Dear ---------------------------,

We have enjoyed meeting with you and appreciate your interest in a long-term career with us.


Consequent to that meeting the Management of --------------------------------- has  been  pleased  to  appoint  you in the position of ---------------------------------- under  following  terms  and  conditions which effects from  ---------------------------.

1.     Salary and Allowances:

      The Organization  will  pay  you  a  consolidated  salary  of  Tk. /- (------------- Taka only) Per Month  (9Am-8Pm) for Full Shift.


2.     Probation Period:                                                       

You will be on a probation for Three (3) Month subject to satisfactory performance The  Organization  will  pay  you  a consolidated  salary  of  Tk.----------- /- (--------------------- Taka only), loyal, faithful and sincere discharge of your duties. After  successful  completion of  the  probation period and  upon  your  satisfactory  performance,  Management  will absorb  you as  a  permanent  employee  of  this Organization with  regular pay scale. The Management  of  the  Organization  may  extend  the  probation  period  at  its  sole  discretion.

3.     Responsibilities:

You shall observe and follow the Standing Orders, Rules and Regulations of the Organization in force and instructions of your assigned seniors. You may be given different assignment from time to time at the discretion of the Management. You shall work strictly in accordance with the instructions of your seniors and according to working program given to you by the Management.

Core Responsibilities are given below


4.     Job Station:


5.     Transfer:

Your service shall be transferable at any unit/branches (within the country or abroad) of the Organization if required for the interest of the Organization.

6.     Team:

You shall work under a team as a member. Your performance will be measured as an individual as well as a team. Structure of the team will be designed as per Management’s direction.

7.     Resignation From Service:                                                        

You  may  tender  resignation  by  giving  written  notice  at  least  -----------------  months  ahead or to compensate --------------------months’ salary in lieu thereof and  handover  all  the  documents, instruments,  items,  etc.  to  the Management  of  the  Organization  and  should  obtain  Release  Order  from  the  Organization.

8.     Termination From Service:                                                       

The  Management  of  the  Organization  reserves  the  rights  to  terminate you at any time without assigning any reason/notice if you are  found  harmful  to  the  Organization  As per labor low instruction.

9.     Promotion / Demotion:                                                       

The  Management  of  the  Organization  reserves  every  right  to  promote  or  demote  you  from  service  on the basis of  your  performance.

10.   Confidentiality:

You shall maintain secrecy in respect of all Organization matters and policies that you may come to learn during your employment with the Organization. You shall not divulge to any person or body about any information or indulge any activity affecting the interest and reputation of our Organization during the continuance of your employment.

11.   Training:

The Organization may require you to undergo suitable training at Organization’s own interest. After completion of such training, if decided by the top Management you will be obligated to serve the Organization for an agreed period. During this agreed period if you want to leave the Organization, you will have to reimburse/compensate the training cost/expense proportionately as decided by the Organization.

12.   Other Benefits:                                                       

Other benefits shall be as per Organization’s policy.

13.   Income Tax:                                                   

The due Income Tax shall be deducted at source from your monthly consolidated salary. However, filing of the Income Tax shall be your responsibility.

14.   Other Terms & Conditions:

Your service will be governed by the Human Resource Policy of the Organization.

15.   Amendments:

All other terms of employment not covered herein shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Organization in force from time to time. 

---------------------------- presents a unique and exciting opportunity for your professional growth. We do believe you have the potential to make a valuable contribution to the --------------------------------------- Family and build a long and satisfying career here.

Considering all these you  shall  have  to  render  your  best  efforts  to  carryout  and  execute  duties  and  responsibilities  entrusted  upon  you  by  the  Organization.

If  the  above  terms  and  conditions  are  acceptable  to  you;  please  sign on  the  duplicate  copy  of  this letter  as   your  acceptance  and  return  to  the Under Signed at  the Head  Office; -------------------------------------------.

Thank you.



Human Recourse Department 


Ref-No:---------------------                                                                                     Date:-----------------------


Father’s Name---------------------------
Mobile No----------------------------------


Subject: Appointment letter for the post of -----------------------.



Dear Mr. ----------------------,


With reference to your application and interview for employment, we are pleased to offer you an appointment at --------------------- as -------------------. Your appointment is subject to the following terms & conditions:

  • You will report to --------------- for joining on or before ----------------.
  • Your salary shall be Tk. -------------------- (----------------------------- Taka) per month.
  • You will abide by all rules & regulations of BEPZA/ Bangladesh Lobar Law  & as well as Company’s   policy.
  • Your probation period will be ----------------months from the date of joining. The probation period will be extended by another 03 (Three) months if your performance is not satisfactorily On successful completion of this, your services will be confirmed otherwise you will be terminated. 
  • You will be entitled two festival bonuses per year as per Company’s policy.
  • Your income tax shall be paid by you which shall be deducted by the company from your monthly salary.
  • We consider the offer containing the information is very confidential and expect good co-operation in maintaining so.

We would appreciate if you please sign the duplicate copy of this letter as your acceptance of the appointment on the terms and conditions contained herein.


Thanking You.



Copy to: 1. Personal File


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